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Mallett is one of the oldest established antiques dealers in the world, specialising in the finest pieces of furniture and works of art, including pictures, clocks and other high quality objets d'art, primarily from the 18th century and Regency periods. For over 100 years Mallett has been sourcing important antiques with impeccable provenance for private collectors and the great museums of the world, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The business was founded in 1865 in Bath by John Mallett, a jeweller and silversmith, and was carried on by his son, Walter Mallett, who expanded the trade to include old silver and furniture. In 1910 a shop was opened in New Bond Street, London and in 1937 the business, by which time had become one of the leading antique dealers in England, moved to London with the Bath premises being closed. Ever since then the business's principal showroom has been in New Bond Street, London. In 2003 the business opened its showroom in Madison Avenue, New York, thus establishing itself in the two major centres of the international antiques market, London and New York. In 2008 Mallett launched two new businesses, Meta and James Harvey British Art. Meta is a venture dedicated to the pairing of cutting edge contemporary design by renowned designers and acclaimed master craftsmen with materials and production techniques from the 18th century to create beautiful contemporary furniture and objects. The defining factor is Mallett’s unparalleled knowledge of 18th century materials and the craftsmen who still work with these traditions. Meta’s inaugural collection was launched in Milan, New York and London in 2008 and its aim is to create design classics of a quality unseen in today’s contemporary market. James Harvey British Art is a gallery dedicated to promoting British Artists from the 17th century to the present day, with an emphasis on the less established names of the 18th and 19th centuries. The gallery, located in Chelsea, London, has been created from the picture department at Mallett which James Harvey has run for the previous 10 years. James has established himself as a knowledgeable and respected expert on British Artists and separating the department from Mallett under his leadership gives him the opportunity to market the pictures in a more specialised fashion. As well as dealing in antique furniture and works of art, Mallett has for many years had a restoration division with highly skilled craftsmen including cabinet makers, polishers and gilders restoring and conserving pieces for museums and private collectors. In 2007 Mallett merged this department into H J Hatfield & Sons Limited (Hatfields), one of the longest established and highly respected restoration businesses in the world. Mallett owns 60% of the merged entity with the existing owner of Hatfields, Gurr Johns Limited, retaining 40% and the enlarged business can now offer high quality restoration across a wide range of skills.